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About our Self Serves
We have four tall bays, each bay can accept credit cards, bills $ 1,5,10, quarters and dollar coins.
Pricing starting price for cash is $2.00 for 3 minutes. Credit card users $ 3.00 to start.
Remember that dirty dog club members save 10% all day and every day.

  • high pressure wash (approx 1400 psi)
  • High pressure rinse
  • High pressure protectant
  • Low pressure foam presoak
  • Low pressure bug off (summer)
  • low pressure mag away ( winter)
  • Low pressure tire cleaner
  • Low pressure triple color foam brush ( we use only soft , real hog hair brushes)
  • Low prsssure triple color foam condition
  • Low pressure spot free rinse water.

    (ro) did you know, when we make ro water. For every gallon placed into are storage tank for use at the wash 2-3 gallons are pumped down the drain. But not here, we capture this water in a holding tank and gravity feed it back to our water tank and Use. On some days that can be 1000-1500 gallons saved.(this is good Clean water but it is not spot free water (minerals removed)).